This article was published on January 27, 2017

Google just passed 3M businesses paying for G Suite

Google just passed 3M businesses paying for G Suite
Bryan Clark
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Bryan Clark

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During its earnings call today, Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced its paid platform of productivity tools, G Suite, had just passed three million users. For those keeping score at home, that means Google attracted a million new users since announcing in November 2015 that it broke the two million paid users barrier.

Pichai attributed Google’s success to its ability to provide a secure platform accessible from any device. He also promised the continued expansion of the partner ecosystem and Google Cloud Platform. Pichai noted:

Our customers and partners are appreciating Google Cloud’s dramatically accelerated pace of product rollout as well as our responsiveness to both their needs and aspirations.

Google’s continued push into additional money-making avenues like hardware and enterprise solutions show the company is growing beyond the — perhaps unfair — one-trick pony label it’s been associated with over the years. A great deal of Google’s revenue still comes from ads, but successful hardware launches — like Home and Pixel — and paid solutions for the enterprise point to a clear path to diversification.

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