This article was published on December 19, 2015

Give the gift of power: Four great chargers under $60

Give the gift of power: Four great chargers under $60
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

An avalanche of chargers have hit the market recently, and a bigger price tag doesn’t necessarily mean a more powerful charger. Save serious cash over the holidays with these top-quality charging solutions – check out our roundup of battery packs and charging cases under $60 at TNW Deals.

ThinCharge iPhone 6/6S Battery Case: $59.99


One sure-fire way to make sure you never leave your backup battery at home? Use this sleek case with a battery built in. It’s the lightest and thinnest battery case ever made, so it won’t add bulk as it gives you 200 percent of your battery life.

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Keep it on your phone 24/7—when it’s plugged in,the ThinCharge first powers your phone, and then the case itself, all for $59.99! Get this deal

Limefuel’s Blast 20000mAh Battery Pack for Four Devices at Once: $36.99


LimeFuel has packed a whopping 20,000mAh of charging power into its USB battery pack, so you can now juice up on the go with extra speed and efficiency. The Limefuel Blast 20000mAh Battery Pack packs a ton of power in a sleek and compact form and can easily slip into a backpack, purse or luggage without weighing you down.

Other external batteries on the market use standard 1A inputs, while Limefuel Blast features a 2A input meaning the pack can be charged twice as fast. Four universally compatible output ports deliver full speed charging to all latest generation devices – just plug in and juice up!

The 20,000mAh LimeFuel Blast features pass-through charging, as well as four LED lights indicating charge levels. The pack also has enough power to charge larger devices, such as tablets, 2 to 4 times. At just $36.99 from TNW Deals, there’s never been a better time to secure your battery life! Get this deal

Apple MagSafe 2 Power Adapter: $39.99


Sourced from Apple, the MagSafe 2 is a well-known accessory for the company’s notebook line, providing power and connecting safely via magnets, allowing it to quickly disconnect if the cord is snagged or pulled, without launching your MacBook off the desk.

Only one is supplied with the MacBook itself, but picking up a second allows you to leave one plugged in at home and another at work, or you could keep one in your notebook bag so you don’t forget to bring a charger with you.

Valued at $80, there are three models of MagSafe 2 Power Adapters available on the TNW Deals page. The 45W version costs $40, the 60W for $43, and the 85W for $50, with all on sale for a limited time with free shipping. Get this deal

NomadPlus Smartphone Wall Charger & Battery Pack: $24.99


This compact battery pack doesn’t replace your Apple charger—it just makes it better. Slip it over your charger to charge the internal 1800mAh backup battery and your phone at the same time via wall outlet.

It also includes pass-through smart charging and overload protection, so you have peace of mind at all times. At just $24.99, fast power on the go is finally affordable and reliable. Get this deal

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