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This article was published on December 7, 2018

Discover a gift for your partner with our huge personality-based guide

Using Myers-Briggs to find your other half the perfect present

Discover a gift for your partner with our huge personality-based guide
Callum Booth
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Callum Booth

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Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional Callum is the Managing Editor of TNW. He covers the full spectrum of technology, looks after editorial newsletters, and makes the occasional odd video.

Here at Plugged we cover gadgets differently. Rather than giving products an arbitrary rating (five out of seven! Nine stars!), we conclude our reviews by describing the person that an item would be perfect for.

We wanted to take this same approach to our gift guides. So instead of doing a normal list, we’ve split the items into personality types. Specifically, the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, a system that orders people into 16 specific groups.

This chart sums it up succinctly, but don’t worry about that too much – we’ve put a short description of each type of person in each section.

A few points before we start. Yes, we’re aware that personality tests (and especially this one) aren’t the most scientific things in the world. We’re also aware that people change everyday and are multi-faceted. Don’t worry too much, it’s just a bit of fun that might help you find a good gift for your partner (or someone else).

If you are searching for someone else, check out our parent guide here. Anyway, let’s get down to it!

ISTJ – The Duty Fulfiller

“A hardworking, sincere, and practical person.”

Rocketbook reusable notebook

The Duty Fulfiller is the type of person who appreciates gifts that are both practical and can improve their day-to-day lives. If that sounds like your partner, a Rocketbook Everlast is something that’ll get them all hot under the collar.

It’s not your normal notepad. Not at all. When you use a Pilot Frixion pen with the Rocketbook, you can just wipe the page clean. In other words, it’s a never-ending notebook.

Also, you can mark symbols at the bottom of the page and when you take a photo of the sheet, Rocketbook will automatically upload it to a specific service, such as Google Drive or Evernote. Terrific stuff.

Price: ~$30


Ostrich Pillow

If your partner travels a lot (probably because they’re working so hard on fulfilling duties), then you should look into an Ostrichpillow. They’re awesome.

This incredibly soft neck and head support makes snoozing on planes, cars, or even in the office an absolute breeze. Excuse me, might just put one on and drift away.

Price: ~$45


ISTP – The Mechanic

“An action-orientated and logical person who enjoys mechanical things.”

Blinkers bike lights

We’re gonna cheat slightly with the ISTP. Rather than doing gifts that are suitable for the overall Mechanic personality, we’re going to focus on something that lots of ISTP folks (and more) will love: bikes.

First up are the Blinkers bike lights. These are about as futuristic as lights get. They have a wireless pad that you slot on your handlebars, which you can then use to signal your turning direction.

The love of your life won’t be holding out their arm like a chump any more!

Even better, if you go for the laser set, they project a circle on the road around you – warning other vehicles to stay out of your zone. They make me feel so fancy and they’ll do the same for your partner, I guarantee it.

Price: €169 for normal pair, €199 for laser pair

Blinkers (EU)

Fiets & Fiets backpack

I got sent one of these to review and, well, it’s pretty great.

Waterproof, fashionable, and with a whole load of pockets (I love pockets) – it’s a brilliant backpack for someone who’s out cycling a lot.

The Fiets & Fiets also includes what it calls a “magic dock.” This is a clip on the back of the rucksack that you can attach a light to, clip on a clothes bag, or really anything that stimulates your imagination.

Your ISTP bike addict will be happy with this in their stocking.

Price: ~$79 early bird price

Indiegogo (remember to always treat crowdfunding campaigns with caution)

Mio cyclo 210 GPS

Partner loves long bike trips? But they worry about messing up their phone in the rain? Then maybe you should have a look at the Mio Cyclo 210.

This GPS tracker comes with European maps fully-installed, has a battery that can last for 10 hours, and – I know this will interest a lot of cyclists – is Strava compatible.

My favorite feature is probably the “Surprise-Me” mode. Use this and the Mio will give you three different routes (of varying distances), so you can go off and explore.

Price: ~£190

Amazon (EU)

Hornit Clug tiny bike rack

That little fella there is also known as the world’s smallest bike rack. You mount it on the wall and then slip your bike tyre between the prongs.

Worried your bike won’t fit? Don’t. You can buy a variety of Hornit Clug sizes.

It’s as simple as that. No more bulky bike racks for your partner.

Price: ~$20


ISFJ – The Nurturer

“A warm and responsible person who likes helping others.”

Lovely 2.0 sex toy

Look, most of us in relationships are having sex. So if you feel your partner is an ISFJ – someone who’s warm and enjoys helping others – don’t you think they’d love to help you… get off?

Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

In all seriousness, the Lovely 2.0 is a great sex toy for heterosexual couples, no matter how explorative the pair of you are. The male wears the pictured hardware, while the Lovely vibrates to induce clitoral stimulation for the female.

All fine and dandy, but the clever part comes with the app. This helps couples explore new positions and assists with feedback after a session.

Lovely stuff, indeed.

Price: ~$139

Our Lovely

ISFP – The Adventurer

“A sensitive person who seeks both beauty and practicality.”

Soundboks 2 portable speaker

To sum it up succinctly, the Soundboks 2 rules. It’s a rugged bluetooth speaker that has a huge battery that can last for over a solid day of playing music. It delivers great sound, can take a kicking, and is just all around awesome.

If your partner is someone who loves music (i.e. sensitive), loves funky looking things (i.e. seeks beauty), and wants a product they can actually use (i.e. on the hunt for practicality), the Soundboks will be a dream. Especially when you can take it to a remote part of the countryside and jam to tunes out there.

It’s far from cheap, but it’s totally worth it.

Price: ~$900


Click and Grow Smart Garden 9

Okay, let’s say the Adventurer in your life doesn’t seem the type of person who sees the beauty and practicality in a bluetooth speaker. Well, we’ve got the product for you: the Smart Garden 9.

The kit includes a number of soil filled capsules that have seeds for basil, tomatoes, and green lettuce already in them. You plonk them into the machine, fill it with water, and the plants grow.

That’s it.

And, incredibly, it works. I’ve got one on my desk that has brought me endless joy. A terrific, practical, and beautiful present.

Price: ~$200

Click and Grow

INFJ – The Protector

“A compassionate and insightful person who seeks cooperation.”

TP-Link mobile router

The Protector is someone who wants people to get along and these days the best way to make sure everyone is happy is with a good internet connection. I think.

Anyway, the TP-Link M7450 mobile router is the bomb. It’s a small, palm-sized device that you slot a sim card in. Then you can happily share a lightning-fast wifi network for everyone around you to enjoy. If you want them to.

Its battery can last for around 12 hours and it’s a brilliant choice for the INFJ who just wants the world to be as cooperative as they are.

Price: ~£126

Amazon (EU)

Andrew James Volcano Waffle Maker

Look, everyone knows that hunger drives people apart. It can cause disruption, and arguments – generally the opposite of what a Protector type of personality is after.

With that in mind, if your other half is in this personality segment, a waffle maker could be right down their alley. There’s little more empathetic and caring than giving someone a food. Plus, this Andrew James non-stick waffle maker is a simple and effective way of creating a deep pan Belgian dessert.

I’m salivating just thinking of it.

Price: ~£30

Amazon (EU)

INFP – The Idealist

“A creative person who focuses on their dreams.”

PowerUp Dart paper airplane kit

Anyone who’s a proper dreamer has folded up a paper airplane and chucked it into the distance, watching it pirouette in the wind, hoping it’ll never land.

So, for that Idealist individual the only logical gift you can get them is this badass paper airplane kit.

You control the PowerUp Dart – which is a little motor you slot in your paper airplane – with your smartphone. This fancy bit of tech gives it enhanced range and can even perform tricks.

One second, I’ll be right back, I’m just going to throw the PowerUp Dart around for a little while and daydream.

Price: ~$45


Razor Jetts Heel Wheels

I’m sure that most adults have looked at a flat surface and wanted to glide across it as though it was an ice rink. I bet the INFPs amongst us have dreamt this more than most though.

Well, now they have a better option: the Razor Jets Heel Wheels.

These are a snazzy device which slot onto the back of your shoes and allow you to whiz across the floor. Are they dangerous? Well I’ve not actually tried the pair I have out of pure, unadulterated fear, but that’s to be expected because I’m a massive wimp.

The add-ons support up to US shoe size 12 and weights of 220lbs. Make sure you gift the creative person in your life the Razor Jetts and allow them to live their wildest transportation dreams.

Price: ~$40


INTJ – The Scientist

“An innovator who is driven by their own original ideas.”

Hercules DJControl Inpulse 300

The INTJ (or Scientist) is someone who’s driven to create and wants to show the world their originality. If that sounds like your partner, then you should look into this bit of kit from Hercules.

It’s a tool that’s perfect for the budding DJ, as it can automatically adjust the beat and the tempo of the tracks you use. It even has a software tutorial that can get you on the path to Ibiza.

Yep, that special person in your life is going to be getting the crowd, uh, pumped up (?) this time next year.

Price: ~$200


INTP – The Thinker

“A logical and precise person who loves creative problem solving.”

SliceCharge wireless device charger

For the Thinker, solving a problem in a simple and elegant way is hugely pleasurable. So if you think your partner fits in this category (and they own a lot of smart devices), then have a look at the SliceCharge.

This is a little pad that you can put up to three devices that are capable of wireless charing on and, magically, it’ll give them all some juice.

Respect the future.

Price: ~$50

Hard Cider Labs


This would be a gift straight-out of left-field, but I’m certain an INTP would adore a Linksquare.

The device is a spectrometer that syncs up with your phone. What this means in practice is that you put it on things and it can tell you what they are – within reason.

It works using applets within the Linksquare app. These focus on a specific thing, such as color-matching or looking at the difference between salt and sugar.

You select an applet, put the Linksquare on the item you’re testing, and your phone receives a reading. It sounds strange, but I had an absolutely awesome time playing with mine. I’m sure a Thinker would find a multitude of interesting uses for the Linksquare.

Price: $549


ESTP – The Doer

“An outgoing, curious, and pragmatic person.”

Peak travel backpack

If your partner is active, loves a sensible present, and likes exercise, we have the greatest gift for them: the Peak Travel Backpack.

Yeah, it might not sound too exciting, but this really is a top-of-the-line product. It has lots of compartments (which I love), is made out of durable and weatherproof material, can change sizes between 35L and 45L (meaning you can get it on a plane), and so much more.

It doesn’t come cheap, but when I’ve used the Peak Travel Backpack I’ve been nothing but impressed.

Price: ~$300


ESFP – The Performer

“A friendly and enthusiastic person who likes helping people in tangible ways.”

Roth VA4 speakers

The Performer is someone who enjoys making the world around them better, often in a way that makes them the center of attention. If your partner is one of these people, you know what they’d dig? A pair of Roth VA4 active speakers.

I love these things. They’re small, but deliver great sound. They’re bluetooth-enabled, but you can also plug a record player into them. Basically, they’re a solid pair of speakers that can handle everything you throw at them.

Plus, your partner is going to love using the Roth VA4s to blast their favorite songs at your next gathering like the Performer they are.

Price: ~£188

Amazon (EU)

Blue YetiCaster microphone and stand

You know something that a Performer would love? Podcasting. And this Blue Yeticaster is the perfect bit of hardware to start your own show.

I’ve used one of these for podcasting and it’s a dream. You take it out the box, set it up, attach it to your desk, plug it into your computer, and it’s ready to record. Considering this is a full set-up, it’s one of the most economical ways to get a solid sounding podcast fast.

Highly recommended.

Price: ~$200


ESFJ – The Provider

“An outgoing and efficient person who likes to run things.”

Bundle Beds

You’ll know if your partner is an ESFJ, or Provider. They’re the type of person who likes to be in control, but people don’t mind because they do such a good job with the responsibility.

And if you’re stuck on what to get them? Have a think about Bundle Beds.

This is an all-in-one sleeping solution, so in that wrap you have a blow-up mattress, sleeping bag, and a little pillow. It’s incredible.

A Provider would appreciate this as it’s not only an elegant solution for when people visit, but also for any trips where you need bedding.

Price: ~£200

Bundle Beds

ENFP – The Inspirer

“A spontaneous and optimistic person who sees potential in others.”

Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Grill

We’ve spoken about this before on the list: food is powerful. It connects people, it turns awkward moments in monumental ones. And when you’re dealing with an ENFP – an individual who’s optimistic and spontaneous – the best gift to get them is obviously a BBQ.

And the Char-Broil is one hell of a BBQ.

To quote the company this delivers an “extraordinary grilling experience.” It’s made of top-quality materials (lots of stainless steel) and can be the cooking equipment that your beloved ENFP will use to inspire those around them. My stomach’s rumbling.

Price: ~£950

Char-Broil (EU)

ENFJ – The Giver

“A caring and idealistic person who values connections with others.”


Giving and being caring is hard work. When you’re devoted to others as an ENFJ is, it’s going to take a toll. So why don’t you give this person the gift of a skincare device?

Why the hell not indeed.

The Geneo Personal is an egg-shaped device that exfoliates and oxygenates your skin, giving you a healthy glow in (supposedly) only six minutes a week. Now the ENFJ in your life can make connections with others, while looking great. What a world!

Price: ~$199

Indiegogo (remember to always treat crowdfunding campaigns with caution)

Stream Deck Mini

What can be more ENFJ than literally giving your time to other people and becoming a streamer? Not much, right? And if that special person in is looking to get into YouTube or Twitch, the Stream Deck Mini by Elgato is a super cool bit of technology.

The keys on the device are LCD, so can be fully customized – both on what’s on them and their function. This means you can make the Stream Deck Mini do almost anything you want. For example, need to quickly launch another app? Set a button for that. Have to access a specific folder? The Stream Deck Mini has you.

A brilliant gadget.

Price: ~$80


Cam Link

This is another powerful tool for the budding streamer. This fancy little device can turn your DSLR into a streaming camera. Basically you plug your camera into the HDMI port and then the Cam Link into your computer.

It’s simple, but incredibly powerful. Before you know it the Giver in your life will be spreading their caring ideals across the web and making the world a better place.

Price: ~$270


ENTP – The Visionary

“An inventive and enterprising person who loves new ideas.”

Dell P2719HC monitor

I know what you’re thinking: “a monitor? How’s that a good gift for a Visionary?” Well, a couple of reasons. First off, Visionary? A screen? Vision? It just fits.

Secondly, a monitor like Dell’s fantastic — and awfully titled — P2719HC is the ultimate canvas on which an inventive person can create.

When computers are the tools we use to up with new ideas, a monitor is the conduit we use to make them real. Wow, I impressed myself with that description.

Price: $~310


Dock & Bay quick dry shorts

Yes, it’s winter. But soon it’s going to be summer and that special Visionary in your life is going to need some shorts. And if you’re going to get them some shorts, why don’t you get them a pair that are inventive and different?

So, check out the Dock & Bay, some swimwear that’s completely made from recycled bottles. Also, because of this fancy-pants material, they’ll also dry quicker than other shorts.

You can’t get much better than that.

Price: ~$40


ENTJ – The Executive

“A strategic and ambitious person who is a great long-term planner.”


Ambition and the Executive go together like toast and butter. So, if the person you adore is constantly trying to get ahead, give them the gift you know they’ll love: a device that you can attach to almost any window and turn it into a desk.

The DeskView is basically a flat surface with two suctions cups that can hold a weight of up to 40lbs. Slot this onto a window (which takes seconds to do by the way) and you have yourself a powerful workstation. Magnificent.

Price: ~$235


If none of these gifts took your fancy, check out our parent guide here. You might find something there that you like.

We like some products. We don’t like others. Either way, if you buy something through our affiliate links, we get a small cut of the revenue. This isn’t a sponsored post, but for the sake of transparency, you deserve to know what’s up.

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