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This article was published on September 19, 2020

Get the most out of your Android and iPhone with these 10 accessories, now on sale

Get the most out of your Android and iPhone with these 10 accessories, now on sale
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: Here are 10 phone accessories that no serious gadget lover should be without — and you can now get an extra 20 percent off each.

We don’t need to tell you…but every day, your phone inches closer and closer to being the absolute center of your universe. It’s understandable. It’s happening to all of us, so there’s no need to fight it.

In fact, just turn into the skid. To help, we’ve assembled 10 phone accessories that you definitely should consider that are not only already discounted, but now have added savings as part of the TNW Three-Day VIP Sale. On top of the big discount already in place, using the codeword VIPSALE20 during checkout will slash another 20 percent off the final price of your item.

1. 4-Panel Foldable Solar Charger and 10,000mAh Power Bank – $27.99 (Orig. $43) with code: VIPSALE20

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone battery, but with this foldable solar charger, the sun is all the battery you need. These four portable monocrystalline solar panels unfurl to scoop up solar power at maximum efficiency and feed the juice back to the spacious 10,000mAh battery reserve. It’s even got built-in LED lights that can light your campsite or signal for help in case of an emergency.

2. U-STREAM Home Streaming Studio with Ring Light, Tripod – $40 (Orig. $99) with code: VIPSALE20

It’s a complete home video studio in one compact little package. You can record vlogs or YouTube videos with this all-in-one kit, including a 10-inch ring light with three distinct lighting options, an adjustable tripod that’s perfect for both desktop or floor use, and a non-slip rubber grip that holds your phone exactly in place. There’s even a remote control so your video goes off without a hitch every time.

3. Naztech Wireless Power Hub 5 – $36 (Orig. $54) with code: VIPSALE20

When you’ve got a bunch of devices that need juice and you can’t wait, the Power Hub 5 is on the case. Along with 4 high-speed USB ports, this hub also has a built-in wireless fast charger to get all your Qi-enabled devices back to full strength as blistering speeds. Meanwhile, the space-saving design never makes it look like you’ve got five power-hungry devices all charging at once.

4. Hyphen Wireless Earbuds – $71.20 after coupon; originally $89 with code: VIPSALE20

Rather than dropping $250 on a pair of Airpods, the Hyphen wireless earbuds offer premium performance and a much lower price tag. Packed with Bluetooth 5.0, integrated wireless charging, and advanced touch controls, these headphones not only sound great, but are fully equipped to let you take calls, change the track or stop or play the music at a touch. They also sport IPX5 water resistance so you can wear them in any weather or during any workout.

5. Turtle Shell 3.0 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker – $87.96 (Orig. $119) with code: VIPSALE20

Do you want just any old Bluetooth speaker or do you want a Turtle Shell 3.0 Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker? Just like the name suggests, the Turtle Shell 3.0 speaker is IPX7 waterproof. With 20 hours of playtime, this speaker is able to boost music even further with its patented dual-directional sound.

6. Graphene 11K Pocket HyperCharger and Triton Cable – $31.96 (Orig. $69) with code: VIPSALE20

Ultra-thin, ultra-efficient and ultra-durable, this pocket hypercharger checks all the boxes for what a power charger should be. With 10,500mAh of on-board energy, gen 3 fast-charging technology, and a very low profile, this charger can go with you anywhere. You also get a 3-in-1 Triton Cable for attaching virtually any device seamlessly.

7. Sinji Flexible Borescope Camera for Android and iOS – $23.96 (Orig. $38) with code: VIPSALE20

You can turn your phone into a snake camera with this borescope sporting a flexible 2-meter cable that can slip past any obstacle. Whether you’ve got a blocked drain or an impossible to reach place, the 6 adjustable LEDs can throw light on your situation, while the nifty camera lens captures photos or even video you can save right to your phone, tablet or PC.

8. iKlips C Apple Lightning/USB-C Flash Drive – $112 (Orig. $179) with code: VIPSALE20

The iKlips is the fast, no-stress way of transferring files around even from an iPhone or iPad to an Android device or laptop. MFi-certified, this palm-sized file manager keeps all your valuable data safe and yet super easy to share. It can also encrypt your files with biometric security procedures, so no matter what happens, your data will never accidentally fall into the wrong hands.

9. MOZA Mini-Mi Wireless Charging Smartphone Gimbal – $76 (Orig. $109) with code: VIPSALE20

A gimbal can do wonders for your videos — and equipped with an upgraded motor and the eight different follow modes hat eliminates shakes, the MOZA Mini-Mi is like have a Hollywood camera crew shooting your videos. It’s also got auto-rotation and non-orthogonal axes design so you can capture the most immersive shots. If you’ve always wanted smooth videos that look as good as a studio shoot, look no further.

10. Stack 6-Port Surge Protector and USB Charging Module -$37.52 (Orig. $49) with code: VIPSALE20

Running out of outlets on your surge protector? The STACK 6 is fitted with 6 US AC outlets, built-in surge protection and circuit breaker, plus a USB charging block, as well. Its cool versatility also allows users to add on other socket types for TV antennas, telephones, LAN surge protectors, and more.

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