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This article was published on November 20, 2017

    Get a lifetime of ZenMate Premium VPN protection for just $36

    Get a lifetime of ZenMate Premium VPN protection for just $36
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    Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

    ERTo quote Titus Andronicus (the band, not the Shakespeare play), the enemy is everywhere.

    Sure, that could seem a bit paranoid, but considering what’s happening online these days, it’s not a crazy notion. Whether they’re government agencies, cyber-thieves or just noisy troublemakers, there are truckloads of potential enemies slinking around the web, just waiting for a chance to compromise and exploit all your private information.

    ZenMate Premium makes sure your online enemies stay on the outside looking in and you can pick up a lifetime of their VPN protection at over 90 percent off, just $36.00 from TNW Deals with coupon code: CYBER40.

    Used by over 41 million users, ZenMate’s server network employing nodes in 30 countries offers fully masked, fully protected online coverage anywhere, anytime.

    Whether you’re buying or selling online, circumventing geo-restrictions on content from around the globe, or just looking to safeguard your devices at all times, even on public Wi-Fi hotspots, ZenMate offers iron-clad security 24/7 for the rest of your days.

    With their encryption security, no one will be able to track where you are online or what you’re doing. Your IP will remain a mystery and ZenMate keeps no logs, so there’s no way they could ever compromise your protection either — not that they’d ever want to!

    A lifetime of ZenMate Premium coverage usually costs almost $850, but when you enter the coupon code CYBER40 during checkout, your already low $59.99 price drops all the way down to only $36.00.