This article was published on August 27, 2010

GeekStyle: What’s Hip and What isn’t

GeekStyle: What’s Hip and What isn’t
Geek Style
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Geek Style

Welcome to GeekStyle, a column that will discuss the ins and outs of geek fashion. Many of you are returning from your summer vacations round about now. Time to put those swimming trunks back into the closet and focus on what you are going to wear to the office this year. Hard choices right? Well, don’t fret, we are here to help. This is The Next Web GeekStyle Guide which will answer your style questions and provide you with some practical tips on what’s hip (and What is Not), for geeks.

First up, this week’s two top tips:

T-Shirts are still hot
All your base are belong to usYes, you can still purvey your unique sense of humor by buying a T-Shirt with a pre-formatted joke that only you, and your geek friends, truly ‘get’. Just make sure the joke is deep enough to cause a moments thought and stay away from those wannabe geek shirts.

The ‘All your base…‘ joke is way past its expire date so stow that one and keep it for your kids. Should be retro in about a year or 10. Goatse still works but I doubt you are brave enough to joke around with that. If you are, send photos, or it didn’t happen.

Out with the mustaches guys
Mustache RingIt was fun while it lasted but give the facial hair a rest unless you are willing to go full beard. You might think a mustache turns a geek into a man but let me assure you: a mustache just turns a geek in a less desirable geek.

So, unless the meme of the week involves a mustache, a good cause is served and all your are doing is applying the mustache to your avatar keeps those cheeks clean and shaven gentlemen.

Now, onto readers questions. First up, our very own Alex Wilhelm.

My question is this: how offensive can my tshirt be, and still be ok to wear to conferences? – Alex Wilhelm

Dear Alex, offensive t-shirts can be wonderful eye grabbers, particularly when most people are walking around in plain T’s. You need to be careful though, you don’t want to be a wearing a t-shirt so inappropriate that people don’t feel comfortable speaking to you – probably the most important part of any conference. If I were you, for conferences, keep it funny but not offensive…ok maybe a little offensive you can get away with, but nothing sexist or racist.

Patrick de Laive : I’m wearing my iPad as a fashion statement but I’m getting mixed reactions. It is a great conversation starter but does it make me sexier or geekier?

Dear Patrick, you seem to assume that sexier and geekier contradict each other. Not true. Geek is the new black. Geeks and nerds are smart, sensitive and potential paper millionaires. But back to the iPad; yes, carrying one is a great way to get talking. My guess however is that you aren’t necessarily talking to the right group of people, if you know what I mean. It might be smarter to bring the iPad, lay it on the table but then read a magazine so you won’t look too preoccupied with your new gadget.

And now for our question of the week
This weeks (anonymous) question is about body odor:

“Dear GeekStyle, I’m a well adjusted geek working at a medium sized technology start-up. My co-workers are nice and friendly and in my role as intermediary I speak to everybody in the company about our technology roadmap. No problem so far. My experience however is that inside the geek offices my body odor (a badge of honor after pulling an olnighter) is accepted and expected. Outside of my geekcircle it seems to be frowned upon. What do I do?”

Dear anonymous geek, body odor could be a symptom of being nervous or anxious. What causes your anxiety around the office? Your body odor? Aha! You are stuck in an endless loop! Feel less insecure about your sweat glands and exit this loop. In fact: go overboard and slap some extra water on your face before you make your rounds. Alternatively stock up on some extra deodorant and invest in a few extra T-Shirts. In most cases it will be the shirt that stinks, not the geek.

Yes, we also do questions. Have a geek style question you want to have answered? Don’t want to bother your mother? Just ask GeekStyle.

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