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This article was published on October 11, 2010

GeekStyle: All about Pink Nose Hair Suits

GeekStyle: All about Pink Nose Hair Suits
Geek Style
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Geek Style

Welcome to GeekStyle, a column that discusses the ins and outs of geek fashion. (Also read the previous GeekStyle) We are here to help you answer your style questions and provide you with some practical tips on what’s hip (and What is Not), for geeks.

First up, The Tip of the Week:

@Boris, on of the founders of this blog and a regular contributor to GeekStyle did an unscientific and unreliable poll on Twitter on the topic of nasal hair. How do you keep it in check and “how impolite is it to yank out someones nose hair if it is really sticking out? On a scale from 1 to 10?“. The general feedback was that yes, it is quite impolite to pull at other peoples nosehairs and yes, you should keep it short and out of sight. Duly noted.

Now, onto readers questions.

Our first question is by Robert Gaal from He asks us “Dear GeekStyle, lately I’m wearing a suit a lot. Could you write an article about why, when, and especially how to wear a suit? Love, me”

Geeks in suits; a sensitive and awkward subject. Just last week I heard an investor claim that a geek in a suit was a terrible combination; to him it signaled that the geek in question has too much money or focusses on the wrong things in life. Geeks should wear T-Shirts they got for free at conferences. Preferably with coffee stains and body odor impregnated. I respectfully disagree. A geek in a suit to me shows that he has more social skills than the average asperger suffering geek. A geek in a suit looks more like an entrepreneur to me than ‘just’ a geek. It means you can adapt to situations and think about your place in the social hierarchy.

Of course, you should only wear a suit if you feel comfortable in it and if you feel it enhances your image. If you are an Apple employee you better stay away from suits, as explained in this Wired article:

When an AT&T representative suggested to one of Jobs’ deputies that the Apple CEO wear a suit to meet with AT&T’s board of directors, he was told, “We’re Apple. We don’t wear suits. We don’t even own suits.”

So, first ask yourself if the suit would enhance your image, scare investors away and, most importantly, makes YOU look handsome. Then decide if the suit suits your or not.

Our next question is by Lisa Jane on Facebook.  She asks us “Dear GeekStyle, me and my husband have been in constant debate about when wearing pink is acceptable for a man. What’s your call?”

Ah the pink debate, I always enjoy discussing this one. My thoughts are pretty simple. If you’re overweight or even obese, stay away from pink – you’ll end up looking like a balloon ready to take off. If your husband is in good shape then keep reading.

Next, I’m a firm believer that wearing pink trousers is a big no no unless you work in the circus or you’re trying to make a statement.  Big pink jumpers are also a big no no, I’m afraid you’re going to look like a big fluffy teddy bear – of course if that’s the look you’re after, go for it.

Where pink does work particularly well (if you’re in shape) is jumpers and shirts. A moderately tightly fitted pink sweater or shirt can look good with both jeans or smart trousers. Stay away from flowery designs or odd patterns though, pink is usually enough of a statement.

Hope that helps!

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Yes, we do questions every week! Have a geek style question you want to have answered? Don’t want to bother your mother? Or maybe you have ‘a friend’ with an issue that needs answering? Just email GeekStyle or leave a comment.

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