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This article was published on October 2, 2011

    Garage48 spurs 11 innovative startups in Uganda

    Garage48 spurs 11 innovative startups in Uganda
    Nmachi Jidenma
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    Nmachi Jidenma

    Nmachi Jidenma is a tech and business leader. To get in touch, follow her on Twitter or email her at [email protected] Nmachi Jidenma is a tech and business leader. To get in touch, follow her on Twitter or email her at [email protected]

    Garage48, an Estonian 48 hour hackathon aimed at turning ideas into working prototypes or services within one weekend, recently came to Kampala, Uganda. The Ugandan hackathon is the organization’s first in East Africa after its previous event earlier this year in West Africa. The event was supported by Nokia, Google and MTN Uganda.

    At the event, 11 interesting startups were formed. One of the more interesting ones was Somesha, a crowd funding platform that helps raise money to help put disadvantaged children in schools.

    Other startups include Ninjakids, an educational learning game as well, as an Android mobile game, Zword which enables users learn spelling while killing zombies. “I am thrilled by the level of skill showed by Kampala hackers over the weekend” said Garage48 foundation’s founder Ragnar Sass. “This was Garage48’s most successful event in Africa so far and it put Uganda in the startup entrepreneurs world map.”

    In addition to spurring the local startup community, Garage48 also helps connect talented African developers with successful investors. Through its partnership with Seedcamp, a micro-seed investment fund and mentoring programme in Europe, one of the Garage 48 Uganda startups would have the opportunity to present their ideas to Seedcamp panelists.

    The hackathon was a great way to encourage developers in Kampala to bring their ideas to life with minimal resources. Organizations like Garage 48 would go a long way in encouraging a culture of execution among African Web entrepreneurs and developers.

    Find the full list of startups formed at the event below:

    Garage 48, East Africa – Startups

    Somesha  – Garage48 Kampala 11 Winner

    Somesha helps raise money for disadvantage children via crowd funding.

    Ninja Kids 
    Ninja Kids is an Educational learning game for kids. It targets children between ages 5-10.
    Zword is an Android mobile game  that allows users  learn how to spell while killing zombies.
    • Facebook: Zword
    • Twitter: Zwordandroid
    • Team: Tukei Micheal, Okalany Daniel, Martin Galiwango, Acellam Guy, Theresa Karungi

    Myticket is a simple mobile based ticket selling and buying system.

    • Facebook: Myticket 
    • Team: Nanghaka Daniel, Mordecai Musonge, Fred Bbaale, Emmanuel Odidiet, Ronnie Delyon
    Mobivisa enables users get virtual Visa cards to buy goods from foreign webshops.
    Simbao.net enables users make bets via their mobile phones
    Mafutago is a mobile application for locating the cheapest gas stations in Kampala based on one’s current location.

    The Diet Assistant

    The Diet Assistant is an Android based mobile application that recommends healthy, local foods to users based on their income, body type, allergies, e.t.c.
    Adloc is a location based mobile advertising platform
    Wavahmotors is a car valuing system which enables users estimated the value of cars.
    Chat service working on localhost, e.g. when there’s no external internet connection at campus, students can still communicate with each other.