This article was published on February 12, 2020

Say goodbye to 9-5 workdays at TNW2020

Say goodbye to 9-5 workdays at TNW2020
Tuesday Chutter
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Tuesday Chutter


Tuesday is a brand marketing specialist living and working in Amsterdam. Tuesday is a brand marketing specialist living and working in Amsterdam.

Remember the birds-eye scene in Edward Scissorhands with identical cars pulling out of driveways on a Monday morning in pastel suburbia? 

For the most part, we’ve moved on from the comical synchronization asked of us by the 20th century work week. Although we’ve been sliding towards a new status quo for decades, the combined forces of culture and automation have accelerated the rate of change in the workplace. When it comes to adapting as individuals and companies, it can be hard to get a grip. 

We’ve rounded up a diverse range of speakers to share their insights on the future of work at our flagship tech event: TNW2020. From finding work-life balance as an individual, to attracting and retaining talent on a corporate level, here are a few of the lightbulb sessions we are looking forward to in Amsterdam on October 1 & 2.

How to manage a 100% remote team
Jonathan Rochelle, Chief Product Officer at Zapier, Co-founder of G Suite Apps

New lifestyle trends and co-working innovations have enabled a decentralized workforce — not to mention the globalization of the talent pool. Which tools and processes make remote work, work? 

Willfulness: An approach for innovation
Mark Adams, SVP and Head of Innovation at Vice Media

Rapid adaptation is necessary in these shifting times. What is an agile and effective approach to driving innovation? 

Education in the digital era: Future-proof job skills
Corinne Vigreux, Co-founder of TomTom, Founder of CODAM

Artificial intelligence and automation are changing the labor market. What skills must we foster to remain relevant in the future employment landscape?

Our work future is choose-your-own-adventure. Find your footing with the Future of Work track at TNW2020. Get your tickets now.


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