This article was published on April 1, 2017

We found everything you need to learn to code — and put it all in one bundle (95% off)

We found everything you need to learn to code — and put it all in one bundle (95% off)
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TNW Deals

Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

HTML and CSS, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails… there are a ton of web technologies out there. And these days, you need to learn not only how each of these popular languages, environments, and applications work, but also how they all work together.

To help you get moving down the right career track, we pulled all those essentials together into the ultimate programming crash course. And you can get the Complete Learn to Code Bonus Bundle right now for just $65 (95 percent off) from TNW Deals.

With more than 120 hours of content, it’s a devastating lineup of killer knowledge that will have you ready to tackle any online project. Here’s what you’ll get:

The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course – a $299 value
The fast and practical web language, learn how Ruby has quickly become a go-to coding discipline.

Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network – a $57 value
Understand the basics of crafting a social network — then actually build your own!

Learn by Example: The Foundations of HTML, CSS and JavaScript – a $49 value
Focus on three fundamental coding practices to make sure your code is rock-solid from day one.

Python Tutorial: Learn by Coding – a $299 value
See why Python is the “Swiss Army knife” of coding, used in diverse programming arenas.

PHP OOP and PDO with Projects for Beginners – a $100 value
Learn the building blocks for creating powerful, yet agile web apps.

Total Web Development Course – a $40 value
Your complete coding overview… from HTML to jQuery to Bootstrap to WordPress, learn it all!

An Introduction to MySQL Database Development – a $99 value
Get background on the hows and whys of building and managing your own databases.

Learn Cloud Computing From Scratch – a $20 value
Eliminate your on-site network headaches by creating in the cloud.

AngularJS for the Real World – a $199 value
Use Angular to improve your efficiency, reduce your coding time, and deliver stellar apps.

Build Professional Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 – a $192 value
Drill deep on two of the most basic and productive web coding languages around.

Build Web Apps with ReactJS and Flux – a $20 value
Learn the architecture Facebook uses to create streamlined, responsive web apps.

Git Complete: The Definitive Step-by-Step Guide – a $99 value
Use the popular Git system for recording and maintaining order during the development process.

For almost $1,500 worth of coursework, don’t miss out on this one-stop web creation info dump for just $65.

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