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This article was published on May 29, 2021

For just $75, the Nordic Hygge AirChill is the personal air conditioner everybody needs this summer

For just $75, the Nordic Hygge AirChill is the personal air conditioner everybody needs this summer
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Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web. Hot deals courtesy of The Next Web.

TLDR: The Nordic Hygge AirChill Evaporative Cooler is a personal desktop-sized air conditioner that saves money with both lower energy costs and its special Memorial Day Sale price.

With summer temperatures already starting to ratchet up across the U.S., residents everywhere are bracing for those sky-high summer utility bills and already trying to take steps to keep those costs in check this year.

With homeowners and renters in states like Arizona facing energy bills of over $470 to cool their homes this summer, everyone needs to consider ways of staying cool that don’t involve firing up that central cooling system.

Instead of cooling every inch of your home, consider ways to cool the area you’re in with the help of something like the hyper-efficient Nordic Hygge AirChill Personal Evaporative Cooler. With the current TNW Deals’ Memorial Day Sale price discount, it’s available now for just $75.97, a savings of almost 25 percent off the regular price.

At first glance, it’s probably easy to overlook the AirChill’s real power. The minimalist Scandanavian design of this 7-inch square unit is a modest cover for this evaporative cooler with some pretty serious room-cooling chops. In fact, it’s twice as powerful as its closest comparable competitor models. 

Powered by a high-speed, 9-blade fan, the unit sucks in dry air, moves it through an internal moistened evaporative pad, then sends that heavily cooled water back into the room to throw a blanket of chilled air across wherever you are. Wildly portable and sized to fit comfortably on a desktop or table, you can bathe your entire area in cooler temperatures, even while everything else around you swelters.

While it naturally cools and humidifies your air, the AirChill also effectively purifies your air at the same time, helping to eliminate all those harmful airborne particulates and knocking out musty or foul odors in your area.

Plus, the AirChill also comes with a 7-colored array of LED lights to set just the right tone in your space as a cool backlight. And it doesn’t hurt that the unit is also practically silent, notching sound levels below 35dB to help ensure you can stay cool and get some sleep at the same time. The AirChill is USB rechargeable and runs up to 4 hours on a single charge.

Regularly priced at $99, you can enjoy a summer discount on the Nordic Hygge Air Chill Personal Evaporative Cooler as part of the TNW Deals’ Memorial Day Sale. That lowers the final price on this powerful cooler down to only $75.97 if you order during Memorial Day week before June 2.

Prices are subject to change.

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