This article was published on June 19, 2021

For beginners and pros, the PocketGuitar is like taking your guitar with you everywhere

For beginners and pros, the PocketGuitar is like taking your guitar with you everywhere
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TLDR: For both beginners and experienced players, the PocketGuitar lets you play a virtual guitar that’s just like picking up the real thing, all at a price right now that’s better than Amazon.

What are the greatest guitar riffs of all time? If you’re a hard rock fan, you can probably list the usual suspects off the top of your head. Like clockwork, readers of Total Guitar Magazine recently made their picks about which hot licks should be on the Axe God Mount Rushmore — and the list includes plenty of riffs that are as iconic as they are instantly identifiable. 

The ominous opening thunder of AC/DC’s Back in Black. Randy Rhoads’ spritely pulse powering Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train. And the list’s no. 1 — Jimmy Page’s generation redefining 3-second riff to blisteringly open Led Zeppelin’s raging Whole Lotta Love.

Students can learn to play all those rock highlights without even owning a guitar with the PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar. And right now, it’s available at even better than Amazon prices, on sale now for only $34.95.

The PocketGuitar from AeroBand is sort of like playing air guitar…except your motions are translated into the notes you’d actually play if you had a physical instrument in your hands. A bit larger than a guitar pick, the PocketGuitar syncs with the AeroBand app, then players use it in their right hand as they strum, with the left hand switching chords to the beat.

And this isn’t like an oversimplified Guitar Hero playing style here. The PocketGuitar uses artificial intelligence to make playing this virtual instrument stack up to the experience with the real thing. The intensity of your strumming is matched to the actual sound your actions would produce, giving the session a true air of reality. The PocketGuitar even vibrates differently depending on the style of its player.

The PocketGuitar also works seamlessly with earbuds and headphones, allowing players to get deep into their playing and never bother anyone else. You can jam out on the couch and get your practice in, even while family or friends sit right next to you.

For guitar beginners, there are modes for learning as you play familiar songs as well as playing freestyle. There’s also a gamification mode where players can challenge themselves or their friends, all while gaining valuable extra practice along the way. And for experienced pros, the PocketGuitar is handy for both keeping your skills sharp or for doing some songwriting virtually anywhere.

Regularly $40, the PocketGuitar Bluetooth-Enabled AI Guitar is now available at a price that’s even better than you’ll find on Amazon, just $34.95 while this offer lasts

Prices are subject to change.

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