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This article was published on May 18, 2019

    Focuster turns your to-dos into an organized schedule, and it’s only $59

    Focuster turns your to-dos into an organized schedule, and it’s only $59
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    We could all stand to be a little more productive, and while there are plenty of apps that claim to help you blaze through your to-dos and get your life together, too many bog you down with unnecessary hoops and confusing features that just slow you down in the end. Focuster is the productivity powerhouse that’s designed to help you get more done without stumbling though a clunky interface, and it’s on sale for only $59 today.

    Rather than just tacking items on to an endless to-do list, Focuster zeroes in on setting up a manageable schedule. In fact, it syncs up seamlessly with Google Calendar to track everything you’ve got to get done.

    Focuster appeals directly to those who just want to knock items off their list without loads of organization and hoop-jumping getting in the way.

    When you insert a new task into the easy-to-use interface, a task that should take an hour to complete, Focuster automatically slots it into your next available window to get it finished. If you don’t have time in the designated hour, you’re still good — Focuster will independently sort the task into your afternoon, the next day or whenever it best fits your work time constraints.

    Tasks are easily prioritized, progress is tracked, reminders are sent and distractions are eliminated, and all with little to no direct sorting by you. You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be when you don’t have to spend time organizing your productivity.

    A $480 value, you can get lifetime access to the Focuster productivity app for just $59 while this offer lasts.

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