This article was published on January 11, 2021

Focuster cuts through the distractions so you can knock out your tasks like a machine

Focuster cuts through the distractions so you can knock out your tasks like a machine
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TLDR: The Focuster Productivity App turns your daily to-do list into a structured, manageable schedule to help you get things done. It’s now nearly 90 percent off at just $59.

We’ve all been plugging away on a project, deep in the zone — only to have a phone call or an email or some other distraction pop up and take us completely out of the moment. That loss of focus didn’t just impact the work you were doing, it’s also crushing your productivity even more than you might think.

On average, it takes about 24 minutes to regain your focus once it’s been lost. If you make about $30 an hour and a distraction happens, say, five times in your average workday, that translates out to about 60 hours lost each month — at a cost of about $1,800 in lost revenue.

Obviously, those numbers change for each individual. But what doesn’t change is the impact that a loss of focus has on our workflow. With The Focuster Productivity app, users have the tools to cut down on those distractions and work more efficiently. Right now, a lifetime of Focuster access is available at nearly 90 percent off its regular price at just $59 from TNW Deals.

With Focuster, users essentially weaponize their to-do list, turning a casual collection of bullet points into an actual, working schedule that aims directly at getting all those action items completed quickly.

Focuster’s streamlined interface makes it simple to set goals, prioritize tasks, then auto-schedule them into the user’s personal calendar. Users decide how long they expect each task to take and lay out a schedule that’s both productive and responsible. From there, the app keeps things on pace with smart update reminders, while also tracking the progress on each task so nothing falls off the productivity radar.

By following the Focuster method, users find they waste less time deciding what to do next and can hone in the actual tasks themselves. Through Focuster’s notification system and engaging logistics views, mindfulness never wavers and, most importantly, big stuff gets done.

The Focuster Productivity app usually costs almost $500, but with the current offer, a lifetime of Focuster access is on sale for just $59.

Prices are subject to change.

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