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This article was published on May 28, 2017

Find code errors before they wreck your project with this software QA and testing training

Find code errors before they wreck your project with this software QA and testing training
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Developing software isn’t an exact science. Even after you’ve spent hours poring over line after line of code, it’s still likely you’ve got small errors that can lead to minor — or major — problems with your program’s functionality. Find ways to head off those programming mistakes before they slow down your project with Software QA and Testing training.

You can get this three-course package right now for just $29 (over 90 percent off retail price) from TNW Deals.

With this training, you’ll run through three hardcore courses designed to cut down the time you or your team spend fixing errors in software projects.

With Proactive Testing Reusable Design – More and Better Tests Quicker, you’ll learn some test design techniques that can keep you on the right track during your product build. By rolling out these simple, easily executable test cases, you’ll be better positioned to spot minor mistakes early before they end up wasting hours of your time.

As you move on to Proactive Testing Risk-Based Planning – Cut Software Overruns, you’ll study a new approach to quality control testing which will help find several commonly overlooked programming defects earlier in the design process. You’ll ultimately save loads of valuable time and money that can get squandered by product overruns and wasted man hours.

Finally, the Inspection Moderator/Peer Reviews online training course will outline how small team sessions can best review each other’s work for defects. By following these steps, you’ll not only cut down on hours lost to errors, but even come up with statistical data to better measure and record the efficiency of your project.

Each of these courses usually costs almost $300 individually, but if you act now, you can get the whole package for less than $10 per course.