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This article was published on February 5, 2010

How Federated Search can Make You RICH!

How Federated Search can Make You RICH!
Charles Knight
Story by

Charles Knight

Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search. Charles Knight is the editor of The Next Web Search.

2010-02-05_1434The following is my entry in the Federated Search blog contest. I won Honorable mention and $100!

I have tweaked it just a bit – the original essay is on the Federated Search blog here.

Unlike all of the other entries to this contest, this is the ONLY one that will MAKE YOU RICH.

Yes, you heard me right, this is a COMMERCIAL application of Federated Search technology.

Feel free to PATENT, BUILD, and SELL this product and then WATCH THE MONEY ROLL IN!

The FIRST STEP is to print out and tape in front of you this image of a beautiful Gemstone Globe.

globe_charlesAs you prepare for the 2010 Christmas shopping season, note that you would never want to actually sell one of these globes!! Why not?

Because they are LIMITED and STATIC.

For perspective, just imagine the difference between a Microsoft multi-touch SURFACE table and an ETCH-A-SKETCH.

The globe that you will be developing will fix those two problems using Federated Search technology.


So the NEXT STEP is to make your globe multi-functional.

The surface of the globe will actually be a curved screen. Don’t worry, flexible screen technology will soon be available, but you would want to contact those vendors ASAP.

This change in your globe will allow you to TOUCH (or speak to!) the globe and change it from one mode to another, e.g. political boundaries, typographical features, global weather (or warming for the GREENIES), population statistic icons and so forth, as many as you can dream up.

Finally, you must add the FEDERATED SEARCH technology.

As soon as you select a mode (by touch or voice), the GUI runs a search query against specialized databases in real-time and sends the search results to the surface of the globe.

IMAGINE seeing political boundaries as they are at that minute, and always up to date! IMAGINE touching this magic globe and seeing all of the weather patterns around the world in real time, as they are at that minute! SEE the clouds swirling around, the darkness falling (, the precise areas of rain and sunshine, and all MOVING!! Check this  out:

globeResearchers can work at their desks while population statistics change in each country, e.g. birth and death rates.

These globes are both BEAUTIFUL and PRACTICAL, and one in your home will be the ultimate conversation piece!!

This is a PUBLIC CONTEST and this idea is NOT PROTECTED, so HURRY and DON’T DELAY!

Get started on it right now!

I MADE $100 and SO CAN YOU!