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This article was published on February 3, 2010

Favorite tweets reveal self-obsessed celebrities

Favorite tweets reveal self-obsessed celebrities

It’s often forgotten that all tweets you mark as ‘Favorite’ are visible to everyone from the ‘Favorites’ link on your Twitter profile.

With this in mind, we decided to look at a number of celebrities’ Twitter accounts to discover just what their favorite tweets say about them.

In news that will surprise almost nobody, most of the celebrities we looked at seem to be totally self-obsessed. However, we uncovered a number of geeks and philosophers… and even discovered that tech writer David Pogue is a sex machine…


Paris HiltonParis Hilton: No shock here – most of Paris’ favorite tweets are about her. Choice quote: “Who needs church when you have @parishilton she’s proof enough that there is a god, who else could make such an angel“.

MC Hammer: Please Hammer, don’t hurt us with your ego! Hammer must like the sound of his own voice because most of his favorite tweets are his own! Choice quote: ““GOING HAMM” means to express yourself, let GO, Go in, take your position !! Mash !!!

Souljaboy Tellem: A slightly more up-to-date rap ‘talent’, Souljaboy Tellem’s Favorites list is a list of tweets saying just how great he is. Choice quote: “@souljaboytellem is the hotest rapper spittin bitchh lol“.

Moby: Surprisingly, even quiet, humble electronic popster Moby has the kind of favorite tweets list that could mainline an ego boost straight into his bloodstream. It’s full of tweets praising his music. Choice quote: “#waitforme is a beguiling, yet intimate album. finely crafted, touching songs interlocked into a wonderful hypnotic mosaic.


Alyssa MilanoAlyssa Milano: She may be a pin-up sex symbol but Alyssa appears to be a geek at heart. As some bloggers will know, when Milano tweets a link to your post the traffic boost is certainly noticeable. Forget being Slashdotted, you’ve been Milano-ed! Her favorite tweets are suitably web tech-tastic. Choice quote: “64 Things Every Geek Should Know“.

Robert Llwellyn: He played the robot Kryten in that most geeky of sitcoms Red Dwarf, so it’s no shock that Robert is a geek himself. His favorite tweet list is a cascade of Apple tech and website nerdery. Choice quote “@bobbyllew Yo Bobby, what’s your favourite iPhone app? And what’s your ultimate wish app? I am such an app nerdling it hurts. X


Stephen FryStephen Fry: For such a prolific Twitterer, it’s strange to see that Stephen has only three tweets marked as favorites.One of them is as intellectual as you’d expect from the QI host. Choice quote: “‘Language.. has created the word loneliness to express the pain of being alone and the word solitude to express the glory of being alone’” (admittedly one of Fry’s other favorites is a link to something rather more silly).

Fred Durst: Despite being a rap-metal star known for heavy use of four-letter words, Fred’s handful of favorite tweets are a bit more philosophical. It’s the ‘motivational poster’ level of philosophy but unexpected nevertheless. Choice quote: “a pure heart will get you everything you ever needed“.

Sex Machines:

Russell BrandRussell Brand: Before settling down with singer Katy Perry, actor and comedian Russell was a well-known lothario, and most of his short Favorites list looks like it refers to the women doing the tweeting rather than the tweets themselves. Choice quote: “how about cocko pops? Would worry about the colour of the milk tho. Tasty x“.

David Pogue: Okay, you may know Russell Brand as a sex machine, but New York Times tech columnist David Pogue? He certainly seems to be collecting compliments from the ladies. Admittedly – there have only been two thus far. Choice quote: “@Pogue May I gush? OMG, you’re adorable! I thought so at Macworld a million years ago, I think so now!!Update: Since we published this post, David has removed his favorite tweets.

So, do all these celebrities know their Favorites are public? We’re not sure, but it’s certainly fun to see how revealing the lists can be. If you spot any other interesting favorite tweet lists from people who may not realise how public really are, leave us a link in a comment.

[Many thanks to Katie Moffat whose tweet inspired this post.]