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This article was published on January 20, 2013

FaceWash helps you remove profanities from your Facebook profile

FaceWash helps you remove profanities from your Facebook profile

From embarrassing party photos to confusing privacy settings, there’s no doubt that social media can cause you harm if you aren’t careful. This rings particularly true for younger generations accustomed to sharing liberally across various social networks, and it’ll only get worse with Facebook’s Graph Search.

If you’ve ever felt the need to get your act together, for whatever reason, a new Web app called FaceWash may be your ticket to a politically correct social media presence — at least when it comes to your Facebook profile.

FaceWash finds and helps you remove profanities from your Facebook profile. After connecting your Facebook account, the site scans comments posted on your wall, photos you’re tagged in, photos you’ve posted, links you’ve liked, status updates and more for offensive content.

Everything from “xxx” to “butt” will be flagged, and you can then find and delete offending posts if you are so inclined. In case you’re looking out for something specific, the app also features a search bar for finding any post containing a specified term.

We’re not here to tell you what is and isn’t okay and FaceWash’s default list isn’t perfect, but if you’re looking to be extra careful, check out the app via the link below.

Regardless if you need it, however, the app is certainly an interesting experiment in political correctness. As views change, should users adjust their social media history accordingly? Or, should we all just deal with the consequences of living publicly?

➤ FaceWash via Song Zheng/HackerNews

Image credit: Thinkstock / Photodisc

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