This article was published on July 22, 2014

Facebook’s social logins share grows to 55% as G+ and Yahoo fall

Facebook’s social logins share grows to 55% as G+ and Yahoo fall

It probably comes as little surprise that Facebook is the biggest driver of traffic compared to any other social network, but which social network comes out on top for social logins on third-party websites? Yup, you probably guessed right.

Following on from its previous quarterly report, social login aggregator and provider Gigya has revealed some key insights in its latest report, showing that Facebook is making global gains. Its report is based on tens of millions of logins between April and June 2014, and records the most commonly used social APIs by internet users to log-in to websites.

Facebook up, G+ & Yahoo down

Compared to the 51 percent of social logins it garnered from January to March, Facebook now claims 55 percent. Though digging down into regional levels, this rises to 53 percent in North America (up from 47 percent) and 62 percent in Europe (up from 57 percent).

Globally, Google+ dropped one point to 27 percent and Yahoo plummeted four points to 11 percent. Twitter made a small gain of one percent.

What better way to illustrate these numbers than with a glorious infographic?


Feature Image Credit –  Stephen Lam/Getty Images