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This article was published on April 20, 2012

Facebook’s North Carolina data center goes online

Facebook’s North Carolina data center goes online

Here’s the news: Facebooks’s big North Carolina data center is now “online and serving live user traffic.” It has been some time since we first wrote about this endeavour, so let’s get to the brass tacks:

North Carolina is about to get a strong taste of Facebook love in the form of a gigantic new data center that the social giant has decided to locate in the state.

The project is expected to cost some $450 million, and eventually employ around 40 people to manage the completed center. According to the state’s press release, the project has been under talks for the last year.

And now, the project is live. The datacenter is up, and if you use Facebook, there is a good chance that you are on its network. Facebook is proud of the new installation, calling it:

[A]mong the most advanced and energy efficient facilities of its kind – built on the latest Open Compute Project server designs and an innovative outdoor-air cooling system.

For more, peep the Facebook blog, and hit up our previous coverage. Data is critical, and knowing about it even more so.