This article was published on December 20, 2014

Facebook’s highlights of 2014 generates a beautiful post of your memories

Facebook’s highlights of 2014 generates a beautiful post of your memories

Last year, Facebook did a “year in review” video for each user which was a quick overview of your year in photos and status’ on the social network.

This year, the company is doing something a little different. A new mobile-first year in review shows off your best moments from each month of 2014, with photos and statuses intertwined and allows customization of what images and updates are shown.


Once you’re happy with your highlights, you can share it to your Facebook wall so others can check it out or create their own. Users are able to view it on the web or on mobile, however the mobile experience is far superior with its fluid animations.

You can fully customize your highlights post, with a button at the bottom allowing you to edit it and add or remove photos/statuses, change the illustration and sign the post itself with a selfie.


This year’s take on your highlights is a great improvement over last year’s video highlight feature; I much prefer the ability to scroll through and look at my own pace, rather than at the auto generated video’s speed.

Oddly, the only way to create your own highlight post right now is by viewing someone else’s; you can check out The Next Web’s social media guru, Matt Navarra’s highlights reel to get your own.

Head over to the Year in Review page to get yours and customize it to your heart’s content.

➤ Year in Review [Facebook]

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Note: This feature appears to still be rolling out, so you might not be able to see the post/create your own yet.

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