This article was published on March 15, 2011

Facebook’s Comments Box now supports AOL accounts

Facebook’s Comments Box now supports AOL accounts

The recently released Facebook Comments Box plugin has been updated to support AOL accounts.

AOL users can now comment on third-party sites using the Facebook plugin with the same account they use to access services such as AOL Instant Messenger.

Users have also been able to use their Yahoo accounts to post comments, indicating that older Internet identity companies are beginning to concede defeat to Facebook and would rather work with them than oppose them and have their remaining customers leave the service.

AOL has reciprocated by allowing users to sign into AIM with their Facebook accounts. That may be enough to convert the last holdouts, and if AOL’s slow decline tells us anything, it may not take long.

Facebook Comments Box was released on March 1, and gave third parties the ability to use Facebook accounts and the Facebook commenting system on blog posts. Facebook Comments Box uses social relevance to filter comments, and allows users to post their comments in their Facebook news feed–a potentially large source of traffic for publishers.