This article was published on December 7, 2010

Facebook wants to recruit 100 staff for its Dublin offices

Facebook wants to recruit 100 staff for its Dublin offices

According to The Guardian, Facebook is looking to add another 100 staff to its Dublin offices, the headquarters for its European, Middle Eastern, Africa operations, over the next 12 months.

Currently, Facebook has over 200 employees working in Dublin, comprised mostly by international sales, finance and developer management staff. These members of staff help manage the websites’ advertising, provide multi-lingual sales support with a small number helping to administrate the companies finances and human resources. Only 10% of its workforce actually perform any engineering work on the website, with most of the work carried out by staff in its US offices.

It is thought 85 of the 100 new positions will be spread across all of these areas.

Facebook’s recruitment drives comes at a time where Ireland’s economy is in desperate need of a European bailout, offering security when Irish workers are fearing for their jobs. Many tech corporations have set up operations in Ireland due to its low corporate tax structure and despite pressure from countries including Germany, who are helping to bailout the country, Ireland is set to keep its corporate tax rate at 12.5%.

Facebook’s Dublin base is the main call centre for business outside of the US, with the company boasting over 600 million users, its not surprising the company is looking to expand its team to help its users and advertisers all over the world.