This article was published on July 8, 2014

Facebook is testing location-based business Page rankings

Facebook is testing location-based business Page rankings

Like Twitter, Facebook is testing various features on select users and businesses.  Inside Facebook reports on one such test: The ranking of businesses in a certain geographic area.

The gist is that businesses in a town, or wider geographic area, are ranked based on user reviews. It’s like Yelp, except you would be given a number. Facebook told TNW that it is testing the feature and it had nothing else to share. But if it does go live, it could offer valuable insight into how a community sees your business.

It’s great if your auto parts store is ranked number one in your area. But if your store is ranked number 12, the information is still valuable. Both of these scenarios could help business owners focus on what’s working and what needs to be fixed based on Facebook user comments.

Fortunately, according to Inside Facebook, the ranking is only visible to Page administrators. So there’s little value in trying the game the system with false reviews.

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