This article was published on February 11, 2013

Facebook is currently down for many users (Update: It’s back)

Facebook is currently down for many users (Update: It’s back)

Updates at foot of post.

Facebook is currently suffering downtime for many users, according to a flood of reports on Twitter and Down For Everyone Or Just Me.

Given that not all users are affected (all of The Next Web’s team can access it fine) and that one person has tweeted a picture of the site showing up as inaccessible, some form of DNS error would seem likely, although we’ve contacted Facebook for clarification on the situation.

Although Twitter reports seem to be coming in from multiple countries, India seems to be particularly affected and we’ve seen reports mentioning Brazil and Pakistan too (Update: commenters below are reporting downtime in the USA, Australia and the Caribbean, so this is clearly a geographically widespread outage). A similar situation in October last year was put down to “a change to DNS as part of a traffic optimization test.”

According to, downtime reports for Facebook started a little over an hour ago at the time of writing, indicating that this has been a prolonged outage, at least for some users.

We’ll update when we have more information.

Update: Judging by the pace of user reports, the downtime appears to have been resolved, at least for some.

Update 2: Down For Everyone Or Just Me is reporting that Facebook is back, echoing the slowing down in user reports of downtime. We’ll update with a cause for the downtime if Facebook provides one.

Image credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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