This article was published on June 19, 2013

Facebook storms past 1 million active advertisers mark

Facebook storms past 1 million active advertisers mark

Facebook announced today that it has reached one million active advertisers amid growing adoption among small businesses and as bigger global brands also add Facebook ads to their mix.

Facebook director of small business Dan Levy announced the figure in a post, saying he would like to thank “the over one million businesses” who are active advertisers.

As of April 1 2013, Facebook has chalked up 1.2 billion connections between people and local businesses in the European Union, with 295 million such connections in the UK.

The company said on average there were 270 million views of local business pages in the EU in a week for the month of March, while in the UK there were 55 million such views.

Facebook also said 61 percent of its monthly active users in both the EU and the UK are connected to a local business page on the social networking service as of end-March.

Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new initiative to greatly simplify its advertising products, which would result in half of its ad units being shuttered by the end of this year. The core of the plan stemmed from feedback Facebook received from marketers, which helped the company realize that its ad products were too complicated and redundant.

Facebook also recently released an inside look at its Entity Graph, a complicated data set which maps the social network’s 100+ billion connections between people, places and interests.

Image Credit: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images