This article was published on September 12, 2016

Facebook sharing is pretty screwed up right now [Updated]

Facebook sharing is pretty screwed up right now [Updated]

It’s not just you: Facebook’s sharing system is messed up.

As noted by ZDNet, Facebook’s security systems are blocking a bunch of high profile publications from being shared on the network, marking them as unsafe. This mainly involves the sharing features on third-party sites, such as clicking the share to Facebook button on this page (although we seem to be unaffected).


On the other hand, sharing directly to your profile or timeline on works fine.

Furthermore, not all users were affected. My colleague was able to replicate the issue, but I seem to be unaffected no matter what site I try to share from.

Facebook’s own status dashboard shows all systems are a go, but clearly there are some issues around. We’ve contacted Facebook for more information and will update this post when we hear back.

Update 12:41 PM ET – The issue appears to be resolved:

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