This article was published on October 9, 2013

Facebook rolls out Page Insights with simpler metrics, better publishing tools, and engagement stats to all Pages

Facebook rolls out Page Insights with simpler metrics, better publishing tools, and engagement stats to all Pages

Facebook today rolled out a new version of Page Insights designed to help create better content and provide administrators with more information about the users that visit their Pages. The company first let some testers try out the new Page Insights in June, but now it’s available to all Page owners.


In case you weren’t in the first test, here’s what’s new:

  • Simpler metrics: The People Talking About This (PTAT) metric has been split into separate elements: Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, Liked, commented on, or shared a Page’s posts), Page tags and mentions, Page checkins, and other interactions on a Page. The goal here is to help Page administrators better see how people interact with their content. The Virality metric now includes clicks as part of its measurements, and has been renamed Engagement Rate.
  • Tools to publish better content: All the metrics for positive interactions (likes, comments, shares and clicks) and negative interactions (hide post, hide all posts, report as spam, unlike page) have been aggregated into a post-specific score card. Facebook says this lets marketers evaluate positive and negative metrics side-by-side for each post.
  • Insights about people interacting with your page: Page Insights now allows administrators see not only who they’ve reached but also who they have engaged. This should be useful for figuring out how content resonates with different audiences.
  • A new Page Insights Export: Facebook has added an option to download the new Page Insights Export to let Page administrators update their custom reporting template. The old Export option remains available as well but it’s not clear for how much longer.

In case you’re worried about breaking changes, all APIs associated with the old Page Insights will remain available to Page owners and developers; Facebook says if it plans to deprecate them, it will give advance notice. New APIs for new Page Insights metrics will be added soon, but no date was given.


While the new version is available for all (if you don’t have it yet, you’ll get it in the next few days), Facebook is still gathering feedback. If you really hate one or more of the changes, hit the Send Feedback in the top-right corner.

Top Image Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images