This article was published on October 26, 2010

Facebook rolls out a new design and features for Pages management

Facebook rolls out a new design and features for Pages management

Manage a Facebook page? Chances are that you’ve been frustrated at one time or another with trying to change things on it, even as simple as editing a name of a page. In answer to that frustration, Facebook has (it seems) just rolled out new page management tools.

In the overview, you’ll see a much cleaner, simpler interface than before. Each feature is given its own link, making things considerably easier to find than they were in the previous version. Beyond that, though, Facebook talks about a few other new features as well:

  • Condensed View: Admins can view and access all aspects of the Page Manager without needing to scroll down the page.
  • Basic Information and Profile Picture section: Update the “Info” tab and add a new profile picture for the Page directly within the Page Manager. You no longer need to go to a different interface.
  • Mobile: View more detailed instructions about connecting your Page to a mobile device and managing your presence via email, the mobile website, iPhone or SMS.
  • Marketing Tab: Access useful information about promoting your Page with advertising, adding a badge, and incorporating a Like Box on your website. Policies regarding promotion guidelines can also be viewed here.
  • Editing a Page Name: If an error was made in your Page name when it was created, you now have the option to edit the Page name to correct this issue. This option is only limited to Pages with less than 100 connections.

It appears that Facebook has addressed some of the more annoying issues with the Pages management. The condensed view and Page Name functions are sure to be hits. Is there anything else that you’ve wanted and not gotten? Let us know in the comments.

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