This article was published on August 1, 2011

Facebook remains the most popular social login as mobile usage surges

Facebook remains the most popular social login as mobile usage surges

As brands and website owners begin to integrate social networking logins to boost the number of signups and increase interaction, Facebook continues to be the most popular social login in the second quarter, but it has stiff competition, a new report from social media platform specialists Janrain reveals.

The company published its latest report in its series of quarterly social login and social sharing trend reports, indicating that in the second quarter Facebook accounted for 39% of all social profile sign-ups, compared to 30% for Google. Yahoo and Twitter closely followed with 12% and 8% respectively.

Janrain’s research – which accumulates data across 350,000 websites using the Janrain Engage social platform, details Facebook’s popularity across the social web, but the report has indicated that there is far from a dominant leader in the space as over 60% of online users prefer to use a social identity other than Facebook to register on a website.

On media and digital publisher sites, Facebook was the most popular choice for social sign-ins but a slip of more than 6% saw Yahoo slip into third place in the second quarter as Google eclipsed the ailing search company for the first time in the market.

Facebook’s social login saw more than a 20% increase between the first and second quarters, moving from 35% to 56%. Its growth saw Google drop 7% and Twitter fall 6%, demonstrating Facebook’s popularity as a mobile service.

Social networking users have rapidly adopted social logins for various web services but social sharing also plays a bit part in social network usage. Again, Facebook is the top destination for socially shared content, with 59% of users choosing to share with their Facebook friends. Twitter remained its clear competitor, holding second spot with 33%, but remains far behind its rival.

Janrain believes website owners should integrate a number of social login options for users to increase sign-up rates and increase interaction, doing so “increases brand advocacy and creating an effective channel to drive qualified referral traffic to [their] sites”.