This article was published on April 19, 2013

Facebook releases Windows Phone app update to fix crashing issue

Facebook releases Windows Phone app update to fix crashing issue

Facebook released an update to its Windows Phone app on Thursday that doesn’t involve a major product update. Rather it fixes a bug that users have complained about ever since the app’s last update — one day ago. Windows Phone users will be glad to know that the social network company has fixed the problem with the application crashing constantly.

Joe Belfiore, a Microsoft employee who works on the Windows Phone product team, announced that Facebook fhad ixed the bug.

On April 18, users downloaded what they thought to be just another update from Facebook onto their Windows Phone device. The bug wasn’t one that affected all devices. Rather, according to Ubergizmo, those with Windows Phone 8 4.2 were affected, but anyone else on Windows Phone 7 2.7 is fine.

A look at the comments posted in the Windows Phone marketplace soon after the release showed that people were clearly not happy and rated the app 1-star. Users had also left comments on the app’s page, including “It is horrible. Please make a better app!”, “Crashes a lot more often since last update”, “I can’t like any pictures without it closing? Can’t unfriend or share anything”, “Not working for me anymore. When I click on a post it takes me back to my phone screen. I enjoyed it til now. Please fix problem”, and “Needs an update”.

Those prayers have been answered. The app is now available for download.

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