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This article was published on March 23, 2011

Facebook redesigns Friend Request emails to be a bit friendlier

Facebook redesigns Friend Request emails to be a bit friendlier

Facebook has redesigned the look of its friend request emails.

Now when a user sends you a friend request, you may well get one that looks like the one below, with details about how many friends, photos and wall posts a user has, along with the number of groups they’re a member of. There’s also now a link to see all your pending friend requests.

All Facebook reported the new design first, and sure enough, fellow TNW-er Brodie just sent me a friend request and there was the new look. It’s not clear if all users now have the new design yet, but it’s good to see Facebook following Twitter in providing a bit more at-a-glance information about the person who wants to link up with you.

Facebook tells us:

“We’ve recently made improvements to the tools we have in place that help people find and add their friends, family and contacts on the site. These changes make the experience of inviting people to the site, and also accepting an invite to the site more intuitive and easy to understand. These tools, and more specifically contact importers, help people to find friends in their phonebook and those that they email and chat with online.

Invitations are only sent on a user’s behalf for the purpose of connecting with their friends, and for NO other purpose. Users can choose not to find their friends through contact importers, and their friends can opt-out of receiving these invitations at anytime”