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This article was published on October 24, 2018

Facebook now lets you add music to your profile and Stories

Facebook now lets you add music to your profile and Stories Image by: COBE / Dribbble

Facebook today announced it was offering several new ways for users to incorporate music into their on-site identities — and in doing so, is starting to look very much like MySpace. The company plans to add the ability to listen to music on Stories and Profiles.

Starting today, users will be able to use music in Stories. To use it, they just need to tap the “Music” sticker and select the song of their choice. You can select a specific section from a song if that’s all you want to play, or you can let it play until your Story ends. It works much the same as it does on Instagram Stories.

The other major feature is that Facebook will soon allow you to play songs on your profile, which is what sparks the aforementioned comparison to MySpace. The new Music section on your profile lets you show what songs you’re listening to, and you can also pin one of them to the top of your profile to show visitors what kind of mood you’re in. Visitors who open the Music section can listen to short clips of any of the songs, as well as visit the artist’s page.

From the sound of it (no pun intended), it gives you the chance to show visitors to your profile hints of your personality. Keep your volume turned down if you visit my profile, because I guarantee I’ll have the loudest Led Zeppelin song I can find pinned to my profile at any given time.

It appears Facebook is making the most out of its deals to license music from the likes of UMG, Sony, and Warner Bros. It’s also expanding on Lip Sync Live, its answer to Now users will be able to read the lyrics for the songs the user is syncing to. At the moment, it’s only available for a few songs, but Facebook claims it will add more over time.

Facebook hasn’t said exactly when these features will be rolling out.

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