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This article was published on July 20, 2010

Facebook now verifies who you are by asking you to tag your friends faces in photos

Facebook now verifies who you are by asking you to tag your friends faces in photos

We’re not sure exactly how new this is but nevertheless, it’s pretty innovative.

We’ve confirmed that if you or someone else attempts to access your Facebook account from an IP address Facebook isn’t familiar with (i.e. abroad), Facebook will take you through an authentication process that will require you to tag pictures of 10 friends in multiple choice format.

According to one source, a 10 out of 10 result was needed to pass and access their account, although you were given an option to “pass.” According to another source, “the photos had tagged people who were wearing fancy dress costumes including a full mask. The face was literally not visible, and I wouldn’t be getting any points for recognizing a dead president. Fortunately Facebook showed two different images per person.”

It’s refreshing to see how serious Facebook are taking the authentication process. However one can’t help but consider just how reliable face authentication is? One question wrong and you’re locked out? Also, as one commenter points out below, if you’re in the habit of accepting many a friend – whether you know them or not – it’s very possible you won’t know the majority of people Facebook throws at you.

Also, should this level of authentication become a standard across social networks? Twitter clearly wouldn’t be able to do it using facial recognition but should we expect it to explore similar standards of authentication?