This article was published on February 14, 2013

Facebook now alerts developers when API errors affect their apps

Facebook now alerts developers when API errors affect their apps

If you run an app on Facebook, or any other platform, you obviously need to know when things are working as they should, right when that happens. Now Facebook has made spotting major issues all the easier after it introduced a new set of alerts for developers that are triggered when their apps run into problems on account of high API error rates.

The notifications will be sent via email and through Facebook itself, and the setting has been added to the Developer Alerts tool, which sits in the App Dashboard. Alerts already cover a range of must-know details for devs, including those related to breaking changes, policy violations and app center submissions.

Here’s the alert in action:

As the world’s largest social network, Facebook is continually making changes to keep developers in the loop and better informed. Prior to today’s update, it recently introduced a dedicated ‘Channel’ through which it will show developer-related videos and live broadcasts from key events.

Other recent updates have let developers connect apps with pages, the introduction of new marketing tools and the addition of more context to Open Graph stories.

Like most platforms out there, Facebook needs to keep its developers happy and today’s news is another addition that is likely to be welcomed. While it’s likely to bring end user benefits since apps issues can be addressed quicker.

Image via laughingsquid / Flickr

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