This article was published on October 13, 2011

Facebook might be behind the success of university students [Infographic]

Facebook might be behind the success of university students [Infographic]

Facebook might actually be good for university students. Online PhD, a site dedicated to helping its readers make important decisions about PhD education and life, states, “Some studies say Facebook is beneficial to students while others say it’s harmful; but taken together the research suggests it all depends on how students use it.”

The study surfaces bits of data illustrating just how Facebook is contributing to the long-term success of potential or currently attending university students. Certain apps on Facebook, for example, can actually help drive engagement and peer-to-peer interaction within the college community.

Some Highlights

  • Students are spending up to 100 minutes per day on Facebook, averaging 6 visits each day.
  • 82% of American Universities have Facebook pages to communicate with prospective students.
  • Active Facebook users are more likely to stay in college due to better engagement with peers.
  • Apps like “Connect Fund” and “AdmissionSplash” are incredibly helpful to transitioning students to college life, discussing financial aid and predicting the likelihood of a student to be admitted into various schools.

To view the full graphic, see below.

You tell me: Are you a current student or planning on enrolling? Would you say that Facebook has kept you more engaged in student activities, or does it distract you more than it helps? Weigh in below.

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