This article was published on November 12, 2012

Updated Messenger for iOS allows you to provide direct feedback to Facebook about the app

Updated Messenger for iOS allows you to provide direct feedback to Facebook about the app

Facebook has just released an update to its iOS Messenger app. Now in the iTunes store, users will be able to use it to provide feedback about the app directly to the company. Granted, it’s not necessarily a major update that the average person might come to expect from an app, but the move to accept feedback is significant in that it goes with the company’s latest mobile strategy to have its teams own the product experience.

Last week, the social network’s engineering team penned a post where they talked about how it could improve upon its mobile experience. Previously the teams had been focused solely on desktop and mobile, but now the product teams are creating their own standalone apps, such as Camera, Page Manager, and Messenger and by allowing the teams the freedom to manage their own products, the company is able to maximize the experience and make sure that users are built faster and out to market more frequently.

With Facebook’s Messenger app update, users can go to their settings screen and submit their feedback right to the company. What could come out of this is a much more agile development process where the social network will start pushing out more updates to its standalone apps when it receives more feedback.

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