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This article was published on April 28, 2014

Facebook launches Business Manager, a tool for advertisers to manage ad accounts, Pages, apps, and permissions

Facebook launches Business Manager, a tool for advertisers to manage ad accounts, Pages, apps, and permissions Image by: Chris Jackson

Facebook today launched Business Manager at, a new tool that lets large advertisers manage all of their ad accounts, Pages, apps, and permissions from one place. Business Manager is currently available to a “limited number” of US advertisers, but the company says it plans to it roll out internationally “within a few weeks.”


Since Business Manager integrates all your Facebook advertising campaign management efforts into one tool, here’s what it will show you if you’re advertising for your own company:

  • The Pages, ad accounts and apps linked to your brand.
  • The people on your team who can access these assets to do their job.
  • External partners, like agencies or Preferred Marketing Developers (PMDs), with access to your Pages, ad accounts and apps.

If you’re advertising for someone else (say you work for an advertising agency), Business Manager shows all the Pages, ad accounts, and apps that your clients have allowed you to access, as well as all the people on your teams who have access to them. In short, the tool puts everything in one place, reducing the time it takes to set up and manage your ad accounts and Pages, and gives you increased control for who has access to what.

That last part is worth expanding on: Business Manager lets you add or delete ad accounts linked to your company, as well as grant or revoke permission to employees and external partners for your ad accounts, apps, and Pages.


Last but not least, Business Manager also makes it easier for people to keep their personal and business experiences on Facebook separate. You can use your Facebook login to access all the ad accounts and Pages you work on without having to be friends with other people from work to gain access.

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Top Image Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

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