This article was published on July 2, 2010

Facebook Slickens Up Its Photo Tagging Tools

Facebook Slickens Up Its Photo Tagging Tools

Facebook has finally heard the cry from the world. The Facebook photos application sucks!  Luckily, according to the Facebook blog, the site is working to fix that.

Among the updates, we’ll find easier photo tagging, directly from the home page, and face detection technology will find the face for you, instead of you spending time resizing and locating it yourself.

From the blog:

People love tagging their friends and family in photos, but we’ve heard that it can be a tedious process. You now can add tags with just a couple of clicks directly from your home page and other sections of the site, using the same face detection technology that cameras have used for years. We’re running a limited test of this technology so you may not see it yet. If you do, you’ll see the following box while browsing Facebook:

Facebook promises that there is more to come, with improvements to browsing, uploading and more on tagging as well.