This article was published on July 21, 2014

Facebook introduces Save, a new bookmarking feature to help tame your News Feed

Facebook introduces Save, a new bookmarking feature to help tame your News Feed

It only happens when you’re in a hurry. You launch Facebook to quickly see what your friends are up to and see something you actually have an interest in exploring. Facebook is making it easier to save those posts with a new bookmarking feature.

Today, Facebook introduced Save for Web and mobile. The new feature acts as a bookmark for items you find interesting such as links, places, movies, TV shows and music. The saved items can be accessed later for viewing on the Web or on your mobile device. Plus, you can share any items you’ve Saved with your Facebook friends.


To access the Saved items on the Web, just click on the Saved feature on the left-hand side of your News Feed. On mobile click on the more tab. Saved items are organized by category and can be opened, shared, or archived. If you save something and forget about it, Facebook will periodically notify you that you have items you found interesting at one point.

The new feature, like almost all components of the social network is to keep you inside Facebook. Instead of saving items to Pinterest, Instapaper, Pocket, or other read-it-later services, you can use Facebook as a bookmarking service. It’s also a good way to keep track of restaurants and stores you may want to visit. With reviews already part of a business’s Facebook page, this could be bad news for Yelp.

Save will start rolling out to Android, iOS and the Web over the next few days.

Introducing Save on Facebook from Facebook on Vimeo.