This article was published on November 22, 2011

Facebook introduces new and improved insights for Page admins

Facebook introduces new and improved insights for Page admins

Facebook has quietly introduced a range of new insight and data points for Facebook Page admins, which includes a range of charts to make the information easy to interpret.

The redesign provides greater emphasis on how users are interacting with the page and the total reach of content. Among the new statistics, page admins can now see ‘People Talking About This’ — which shows the number of people that have created a story using content from the page — ‘Weekly Reach’ and ‘Virality’, all of which are explained by The Geek Centre:

People Talking About This and Weekly Total Reach
People Talking About This is the number of unique people who have created content about your Page on Facebook in the past week. The more people that talk about your Page, the more distribution it will get. The number of people who have seen your message is displayed in Weekly Total Reach.

Virality measures how likely a person is to share something about your posts with their friends. This is a great indicator of the kind of posts your audience responds to.

Page admins can get up to speed with the data and layout changes at their own pace, thanks to the 5 step tour which loads for when they first visit their page.

Here is a taste of some of the data and graphs.

The new layout puts the insight at the top of the page with charts displaying data ranges below.

The layout includes metrics that drill down into detail on the location, sex and other demographic details of the users that are interacting with your page and its content.

New graphs also show who is talking about your page, and the reach of the interaction over time.

As before, admins are able to export data with ease, although data is only available as far back as 19 July.

The Facebook changes, which will only affect admin areas behind the scenes, come a little over two weeks after Google finally unveiled business pages on its Google+ social network. With many companies now exploring the potential of Google+, the Facebook update is a nice little way to remind them how important the world’s largest social network is for their business.

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