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This article was published on June 30, 2011

Facebook for Windows Phone now supports push notifications

Facebook for Windows Phone now supports push notifications

Microsoft has just released an updated version of its Facebook for Windows Phone 7 application, which finally brings push notifications, ahead of the native notification support expected in the Windows Phone Mango update.

What’s actually great about this is the amount of customization that it allows for users, which is possibly a prelude of how Mango will handle notifications across different apps. Users can choose to be notified on Message, Wall Post, Feed comment, Feed comment reply, Photo tag, Photo comment, Tagged photo comment, Photo comment reply, among others. They can also turn on toasts and/or a live tile count for the notifications.

Aside from this, WPCentral also notes that the app now feels a lot smoother and more complete — maybe even on par with its Android and iOS counterparts in terms of performance.

It is is available immediately in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

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