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This article was published on March 18, 2013

Facebook for iOS gets ability to update cover photos on the fly, group messaging refinements

Facebook for iOS gets ability to update cover photos on the fly, group messaging refinements Image by: THOMAS COEX

Facebook has released an update to its iOS application that now allows users to update their cover photos while also including some refinements to its group messaging feature.

Ever since Facebook redesigned profile pages, the cover photos have been one of the mainstay things that helped a user make their profile their own. For a while, people have not been able to update their cover photos through their mobile device, instead only being able to do so from the desktop. Now, only through the iPhone, can these large images be updated and changed.

In Q4 2012, Facebook announced that more users were accessing the service through mobile than from the desktop. And as one of the only devices that people typically carry around with them, the mobile device has been a very handy tool for people to snap photos of where they are and post it to Facebook — so why force them to take a photo and modify their profile page when they get to a laptop or desktop? No longer will that need to happen.

Additionally, the Facebook for iOS update includes tweaks to how group messaging is done — now the company says there are fewer steps needed in order to start a group chat and it has worked to make it easier to not only name a conversation, but find it in the system.

Photo credit: THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images

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