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This article was published on November 2, 2012

Facebook experimenting with Pages feed to curate all the updates in one area

Facebook experimenting with Pages feed to curate all the updates in one area Image by: AFP/Getty Images

Update: We’ve heard back from Facebook and they tell us that “we’re always testing new features, but have nothing further to share right now.”

Facebook is experimenting with its Pages feature and creating a separate feed for those that you like, consolidating all of the news into a single stream. As reported by Inside Facebook, the social network has been regularly adjusting its algorithm to assess what content to share with users in their news feed. This addition will help to avoid having Page news get garbled up in the madness of all the other updates.

With the move to enhanced notifications about page posts, Facebook has been focused on bringing relevancy back to what people are sharing. For many of us, we mention that we “like” a Page, but how often are we going to the respective pages to get the latest updates? And after hours of not being online, we could go to the news feed only to miss some good news from  some of our favorite brands — you might be interested in specials from Virgin America or the announcement of a new product line or gadget. This new Pages feed hopefully will create a better digest of updates.

Facebook Pages Feed

This new feature isn’t readily accessible for everyone on their dashboard, but you can check it out yourself by going to

Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images