This article was published on November 20, 2014

Facebook expands its drone team to bring the internet to everyone

Facebook expands its drone team to bring the internet to everyone

Facebook has posted three new job vacancies for its drone team today. Its seeking avionics, thermal, power systems and control engineers to work on the aircraft project.

The company was already advertising for three drone-related job openings – looking for both technicians and engineers – in its London office.

The UK is becoming quite a hub for tech companies pushing into unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) research. Amazon began recruiting to expand its Prime Air delivery drone research team last week.

Facebook’s UK-based job openings were published a few months after it acquired British drone maker Ascenta in March. It’s confirmed to Recode that the latest vacancies will be based at its California HQ.

The latest additions to Facebook’s drone team will be technicians working on assembling the aircraft and an engineer assisting “in the development, inspection and testing of the high-altitude solar powered aircraft.”

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said in March that Facebook’s plan is “to build drones, satellites and lasers to deliver the internet to everyone” as an extension of the company’s initiative.

It’s aiming to get its first drones airborne in 2015. Expect plenty of scare stories about Zuck’s eyes in the sky to appear in the meantime.

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