This article was published on February 18, 2016

Facebook enhances video metrics for its budding group of content creators

Facebook enhances video metrics for its budding group of content creators

Facebook’s decision to go all-in on video seems like its paying off — you can’t scroll through your Newsfeed anymore without one video (silently) autoplaying on your feed. They’re sticky, and the social media platform knows it.

So that’s why it’s no surprise that in a blog post today, the company announced that it would provide enhanced video metrics on its ‘Page Insights’ tab for brands and content creators to make better adjustments to content. The new metrics include a ‘Minutes Viewed’ stat to help people understand how many total minutes people have watched a particular video for, and ’10-second Views,’ which shows how many people watched at least the beginning of a video.

According to the post, both of these metrics were spurred by user request:

Video publishers have told us that they rely on Page Insights to track the performance of their posts and optimize their video content and programming strategies. Today’s updated interface allows for flexibility as we continue to learn more from publishers about the video performance insights that help them grow their businesses on Facebook.

The ability for content creators to drill down and figure out what makes an impact on Facebook is a boon for brands — which have become increasingly wise to the impact videos have on Facebook. As a specific percentage of Newsfeed real estate is devoted to videos, it’s yet another way for them to engage with their audience.

It’s a boon for Facebook too, which continues to roll out video-heavy properties like Live Streaming in the service of creating even more high-quality ad revenue for the platform.

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