This article was published on May 6, 2013

Facebook debuts on the Fortune 500 list, 12 spots ahead of Yahoo

Facebook debuts on the Fortune 500 list, 12 spots ahead of Yahoo

Facebook debuted on the Fortune 500 list at spot number 482. Yahoo came in 12 spaces behind, at 494.

The Fortune 500 list is comprised of the 500 largest United States-based companies, ranked by revenue, not profits. For the most recent list, Facebook’s listed $5.1 billion in revenue bested Yahoo’s $5 billion by a small edge.

The top of the list is what you expect: larger petro-companies and Berkshire Hathaway, capped by Walmart. Interestingly, the most recent list is the first in which Apple crested the top ten spots, landing in sixth place, one tick above General Motors. To reach the top ten, you will need to beat Ford’s revenue figure of $134.3 billion.

It’s interesting to see how far apart the firms at the top of the list in fact are, with the top two companies – Walmart and ExxonMobil – posting revenue figures north of $400 billion; third place on the chart all but half of that range, with Chevron reporting $233.9 billion in revenue.

Facebook’s making of the list is another milestone on its transformation from disruptive startup to a more mature company that kicks out regular profits. Facebook’s passage of Yahoo is perhaps symbolic of its quick rise, and the slow drift of the company now helmed by Marissa Mayer.

You can read the full list of companies here, if you are so inclined.

In the first quarter of 2013, Facebook had revenue of $1.46 billion, and GAAP net income of $219 million.

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