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This article was published on September 16, 2010

Facebook Creates Multiple Account Dashboard for Advertisers

Facebook Creates Multiple Account Dashboard for Advertisers

As Facebook becomes more of a force in the online advertising space, it has to also step up to the plate with analytics and reporting. One of the hallmarks of a mature advertising platform is that it recognizes that often one person is managing multiple accounts. Google has  this with the My Clients Center and now Facebook has an “All Accounts Dashboard” for similar circumstances.

In a post on the Facebook Advertising page simply says this:

Do you have access to multiple advertising accounts? Would you like an easy way to view all your accounts at once?

To help you quickly view all the accounts to which you access and manage, we are providing one easy-to-digest dashboard with your basic summary statistics for each advertising account. From this single view, you can easily navigate to a specific ads account, or sort the columns and determine how all of your accounts are performing. The dashboard will be visible when you log in to your Ads Manager.

Not a lot there, but enough to see that Facebook recognizes that customers require more data, more tools, and control over their advertising accounts. It seems that like AdWords, Twitter, and now Facebook, marketers are managing several different accounts and social media profiles at once. Perhaps the next big thing will be more holistic social media profile management pulling all these facets in together into a giant dashboard.

I just hope that dashboard comes with a triple-shot Americano to take it all in.

Hat tip: Inside Facebook

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