This article was published on February 18, 2015

Facebook confirms it’s working on virtual reality apps

Facebook confirms it’s working on virtual reality apps

Facebook says it is working on virtual reality apps that people will be able use to create and experience VR content with, reports Recode.

Facebook bought VR headset manufacturer Oculus last March for $2 billion, and it’s interesting to hear that the company is following through with its plans to create a futuristic social media experience for users with its acquisition.

Chief product officer Chris Cox revealed plans about the company’s ongoing work at the Code/Media conference in Laguna Niguel, California today.

“You realize, when you’re in it, that you’re looking at the future, and it’s going to be awesome. When you’re in Facebook, you’re just sending around these bits of experience — a photo, a video, a thought,” Cox said, whereas with VR, you could be “sending a fuller picture.”

However, he didn’t mention just how these apps would work, how users would create content, or even a timeline for their release.

Facebook is Working on Virtual Reality Apps (That It Thinks Beyonce Will Use) [Recode]

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