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This article was published on July 6, 2011

Facebook confirms 750 million users, sharing 4 billion items daily

Facebook confirms 750 million users, sharing 4 billion items daily

Speaking from Facebook‘s “awesome” event at its Palo Alto headquarters, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has spent quite a bit of time talking about numbers. Zuck says that the past 5 years have been focused on the number of users, but he states that moving forward the numbers don’t really matter.

However, there is one number that will matter to all of us, and that is 750,000,000. Zuck has confirmed that Facebook has passed the 3/4 of a billion user figure but he’s pulling a move from Steve Jobs’ playbook.

Zuckerberg is more focused on what the number means, rather than the number itself. Just as Jobs has stopped talking specs on his Apple products, Zuckerberg believes that the next 5 years will be about what you can build on top of an ecosystem that houses 750 million people, rather than the importance being in the number itself.

Interestingly, Zuck brings up the fact that, every day, Facebook users are sharing over 4 billion pieces of information. This announcement comes almost 1 year to the date after Facebook passed 500 million users, and we’ve asked the question before about whether Facebook could end up passing 1 billion users in 2011.

Facebook is just getting started. Make sure to catch the rest of the announcements made from Facebook’s headquarters today.